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Elliott PR Group is a trusted boutique Communications and PR liaison  working with some of the largest traditional PR Firms and Talent Management companies in the United States. We are experts at strategically aligning celebrities and Influencers with powerful brands and companies. 

We pair our clients with a range of brands and industries including Sports, Fashion, Cosmetics and Beverage. As Booking Specialists, we work with some of the largest public and private events to match celebrities with corporations and event needs.

As Film Administrators, we work with production companies and networks to achieve production and ancillary goals globally. 

Our Hospitality Division remains one of our most successful business initiative to date. We work and barter with a number of top rated hotels and resorts around the globe to promote and execute Sales & Marketing initiatives with some of the world's most popular people.

Our  individually focused PR work; another area of expertise, is extensive and proven globally with our clients ranging in multiple areas of interest and industries. Our work is successful because we care more about the right strategy for our  clients, rather than impulsive premature representation. This practice ensures that our clients are managed professionally and meticulously. Elliott PR stays behind the brand putting our clients first. 


Our newest division, web services and social media marketing is among the most innovative services and offerings within the space. We  work with a group of talented independent strategists to fulfill our clients needs. We work with an independent cluster of some of the brightest young minds in the industry to connect our clients with fresh ideas and cutting edge work in various areas of need including social media and viral marketing. We connect freelancers with our clients from across the world to help them achieve their marketing and brand management goals.


Elliott PR Group works with  Companies,  Actors, Entertainers, , Designers,  Athletes, Politicians, C-Level Executives and other Public Figures. 


Elliott PR Group works with select clients on a retainer basis. 



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